45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Information

content/images/gallery/random3/sql-dump-sqli-no-security-pastebin-com_.png Last week we made a report that a hacker going by the name STK had dumped a massive load of accounts from sites that had been hacked. Well on the 21st they uploaded 5 more new dumps which hold a further 45 more data dumps which brings the total of sites hacked and dumped by them within 10days to over 100. Some of the data dumps have the most ridiculous passwords and hardly any have encryption. Some notable information about some of the passwords is pretty funny, one of the websites smstributes.co.uk thinks its secure to give everyone the same password while storing them in clear-text. another website has a password that is !letmein! which is also saved in clear text. The above shows that humans will continue to be the weak link in our systems.The hacks have happened to this sites purely due to lack of security within the systems and all attacks have been carried out via SQL injections. In the leaks is a message from STK:

Cyber ​​Revolt, hactivistes mobilized AND their NUMBER IS increasing every HOUR, IS a great DAY FORhumanity. The virtual revolution.

Statistics and information, keep in mind our statistics system CURRENTLY only counts E-Mails, not usernames. Part 1, 8 Site dumps and statistics Part 2, 11 Site dumps and statistics Part 3, 9 Site dumps and statistics Part 4, 8 Site dumps and statistics Part 5. 9 Site dumps and statistics

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