451 Indian Sites hacked by Pakistani Hackers (VOBHH)

hacked-by-h4x0r-hussy-vobhh_0 VOBHH or other wise known as Voice of black hat hackers, which is a Pakistani based crew which mainly does a lot of mass defacing has been at it again. Once again VOBHH have set sights on india and carried out an attack which has left 451 websites defaced. The defacing is not a main index deface, and at time of publishing most sites appeared to still be defaced. The attack left a message which is pretty common and was directed towards the hackers of India who have for the past year+ been waging war on Pakistanis cyberspace, but this goes both ways with both country having hackers who are very active within this continued war. > *This is War Against Terror, Fuck European Union, America, Israel, & Indian Force { Who HaTe And/OR KILL InnocenT MuslimS } _ *Pakistan Zindabad || A Special Fuck To Those Who Try To EnTer Paki Cyber Space !!!

we are not afraid to die because Whenever death may surprise us, Let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our Cause… 

The defacing list was uploaded to pastebin and we got alerted to it along with an additional message which warns of many more site defacing to come.

Last warning to u from VOBHH Neat time we will gift u 1000+


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