49,869 Voter Personal Details leaked from Steubenville City

orrrA hacker who uses the handle @Anon_Acid  has released what appears to be the complete listing of residents from Steubenville City, Ohio in the name of OpRollRedRoll. > @0p_rollredroll #OpRollRedRoll ‘via'[pastebin.com/Pf6HMATe] ~ Steubenville,Ohio records @youranonnews @anonopslegion @wtfrly @thehackersnews — AnonAcid (@Anon_Acid) January 3, 2013

OpRollRedRoll Was kicked off a few weeks ago after a some players from a local Steubenville football team raped a young girl. Since then there has been constant attention as well as attacks on the teams sponsor website, releasing of complete personal details of those involved. @Anon_Acid posted a announcement notice of the leak on pastebin which contains the following message.

This leak contains many address,emails,personal information,dates of births,current address,phone numbers,names,state,country,city,current location,firstname,lastname,middlename,many many more…. Feel free to download this file it’s in .txt format so no can say it’s RAT or Keyloger !! Feel free to share this Pastebin post to your friends and family because your name might just be on it ‘City Of Steubenville’,Your justice system is broke and needs to be fixed maybe this might help a little. Bring justice to the girl who was raped ! all the following needs to go to jail! Michael nodianos,Cody Saltsman,Jake Howarth,Jordan Banks,Ryan Vodich,Harold Malone,John Linn,Dashon Redman,Anthony Craig,Evan Westlake,Mark Cole,Malik Richmond,Trent Mays, and who ever else was involved this what you did is wrong and will not be forgiven.

The leaked data was uploaded to media fire in the format of a 15.2MB text file that contains table column names and 49,869 rows of details of people who have voted in the city of Steubenville, most of which appear to be residents as well. Complete column name lists are as below. At the end of the leak file @Anon_Acid has warned of more attacks to come as well as a promise to take down websites that belong to City of Steubenville Ohio and The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.

Expect Anon_Acid: ‘The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce’ & ‘City of Steubenville Ohio’ Your sites will all be down i’m just telling you in advanced, So you can try to put some security on it Goodluck, Because your going to need it.

Follow on twitter for live updates and information regarding this operation, OpRollRedRoll. Source: Pastebin

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