5 australian Government websites hacked and warned for part of #OpStopACTA

OpStopACTA has been growing strong over the past with many big name sites being taken offline. In what started out as a anonymous operation is now starting to see  attacks from other hackers and "crews". The australian government normally doesnt come under fire from many hackers in comparasion to other website but today D157UR83D crew, the same crew who hacked harvard yesterday has release a bunch of australian government websites that have been hacked and makes threats that more australian government websites are to come in the near future. so far the websites that have been attacked also have resulted in some minor data being leaked. The sites: Australian College of Pharmacy [https:// acp.edu.au ](https:// acp.edu.au ) Bayside city council https://bayside.vic.gov.au/ Sydney International Regatta Centre https://regattacentre.nsw.gov.au/ Sydney International Shooting Centre https://shootingcentre.nsw.gov.au/ State library of victoria https://slv.vic.gov.au/ for now we wont be leaking this data as CWN is australian based.

D157UR83D crew ################### Australia agreed to ACTA a little while back. Australia is suppost to be free, without opression, ACTA changes that. so, to the Australian government, FUCK YOU! these sites are all hacked as a part of #OpStopACTA (an anonymous operation) because this time, we dont exactly have alot of time to lulz while our freedom is being taken away from us. https://pastebin.com/******** https://pastebin.com/********* https://pastebin.com/******** https://pastebin.com/******** https://pastebin.com/******** ______________________________________________________ more attacks are coming soon. aus gov, watch out!

So as you can see this is done in light of the ACTA protests and there is a clear threat of more australian government hacks to come. https://pastebin.com/e90pGHFk

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