5 million ‘compromised’ Google accounts leaked

RT reports:

A database of what appears to be some 5 million login and password pairs for Google accounts has been leaked to a Russian cyber security internet forum. It follows similar leaks of account data for popular Russian web services.

The text file containing the alleged compromised accounts data was published late on Tuesday on the Bitcoin Security board. It lists 4.93 million entries, although the forum administration has since purged passwords from it, leaving only the logins.


The leak comes just days after similar leaks affected Mail.ru and Yandex, both popular Russian internet services. The previous leaks contained 4.66 and 1.26 million accounts respectively.

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Note that this is not evidence that Google, Mail.ru, or Yandex were hacked, and the two Russian firms deny they were, while Google says it is investigating. As Mohab Ali points out on Twitter this morning: “According to reddit comments, people who found their email addresses found the passwords they used in other websites not gmail.”

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