500 more Sites defaced by SA3D HaCk3D

SA3D HaCk3D, one of the more well known defacers from zone-h with a total just shy of 30k defaciement’s has been very busy in the last 24hrs.On the defacement mirror site SA3D HaCk3D has added over 500 new defacement’s Just from today, Nice Xmas present for a lot of administrations if you ask me. content/images/gallery/random2/ssh-secure-root-sa3d_0.png All of the defacement’s have been done on Linux systems and a lot of them are mass defacement’s, hosted on the same IP/box/server and few are defacement’s. Some of the defaced sites are…

etecengenharia.com/kurd.php blueskytravels.org/kurd.php cisonline.info/kurd.php www.hospedandoweb.com/kurd.php sabihaandkhalil.com/kurd.php www.ukbestwebhosting.info/kurd… pak-uae.com/kurd.php groupshealthinsurance.org/kurd… californiarefinanceloans.org/k… san-diego-dentists.net/kurd.php californiamajorriskmedical.us/… fremontmortgage.biz/kurd.php ladentist.info/kurd.php carlsbaddentists.us/kurd.php sandiegomortgageloan.info/kurd… individualshealthinsurance.us/… dentistwebsite.us/kurd.php capcip.net/kurd.php californiaveteransloan.org/kur… ladentists.biz/kurd.php californiaveteranloan.biz/kurd… federalhomeloan.us/kurd.php san-diego-dentists.info/kurd.php pregnancyinsurancecoverage.us/… californiaveteransloans.biz/ku…

check out the full list here.

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