53,303 User Credentials Leaked from ezycoupons

A new Zealand based coupon website has been breached and as a result 53,303 Client details are now released to the public The site is ezycoupons.co.nz and it appears to be part of a chain of similar sites which offer deals and vouchers from New Zealand based company’s and business. The leak was announced by hacker @nrtnz who appears to have gotten access to the sites database and now 53,303 innocent peoples information is out in the open. > @cyber_war_news pastebin.com/8A7uxU4H #Hacked — ℕrtn___z (@nrtnz) January 23, 2013

The administration details for the websites backend have also been leaked in the release note on pastebin and i can confirm this is indeed compromised and needs to be fixed asap as it gives access to all the coupon partner details and plans they have going. The leaked data release was uploaded to pastebin.com with a link to a New Zealand based file sharing service MEGA with a note saying "thx kim" to kim dot com, the founder of MEGA.

I USE MEGA.CO.NZ :p love ya kim.

Details from the leaked credentials are id, first and last names, emails, towns, regions, genders, age, cellphones, services/products and date joined. Full archive on ozdc.net

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