6 more sites breached by @CMDL1NE

As we have seen the past few days @CMDL1NE has been pumping out hacked website databases. Well here is another lot from them, ranging from a electronics supplier to dental care. The sites: 2001 Electronic Components https://2k1.co.uk/ https://pastebin.com/fR5VevRt Food By U https://foodbyu.com/ https://pastebin.com/1gLj7BvHAvani Softwarehttps://avanisoftware.com/ https://pastebin.com/BxCTAngN Bulgarian Dental Association https://www.bzs-srk.bg https://pastebin.com/Tk2PAVfe ANC Shipping https://ancshipping.cn/ https://pastebin.com/vTXpWZyg Metasol Group https://grupometasol.com/ https://pastebin.com/A4XAwNNd

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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