60 Minutes twitter account hacked

220px-new60minutes Updated: Gallery of images and screen caps added. sources at bottom of page. Just now the official 60 minutes twitter account has been breached. The account which is now suspended was breached not long after and started tweeting messages related to the boston bombing. The account was only active for around 5 minutes before twitter support put it on suspension. The account has 321,613 followers and the tweets coming from it after it was hacked can be seen below in text format only. One of the first tweets stated it has been hacked for the suspension of a Syria cyber army account recently. Gallery:Text:

Tweets All / No replies 60 Minutes [email protected] 11m the actual Boston bombers caught on camera. Professionals under US regime protection pic.twitter.com/HoUpJXFO9A View photo 60 Minutes [email protected] 18m The American people must stop their government, before the whole world is destroyed Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 18m The Syrian army’s fight is your fight. The Syrian army fights for all humanity Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 18m Your entire family’s and ancestors victories will be wiped out forever if we lose Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 19m Once a world government is in place, the deviants will destroy human history and culture Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 19m By attacking Syria using terrorists the US regime hopes to bring a world government Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 19m The American people have been lied to by their media about Syria Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 20m Obama wants to destroy the Syrian and American people. We must stop this beast Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 20m The American people must rise up before their guns are taken away Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 21m Your duty is to protect your nation from the parasites that have taken your government Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 21m We will break their media strong arm so you can finally awaken to your duty Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 21m They are watching you and killing you. The #SEA is on the American people’s side Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 22m The US government stands not free speech — why did it suspend the SEA’s account Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More 60 Minutes [email protected] 22m The US government is hiding the real culprit of the Boston bombing Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 23m The US government is sponsoring a coup in Venezuela and a terrorist war in Syria Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 23m The American regime kills it’s own people and our people in the name of democracy Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 31m Once I take away your guns you will all be mine – Barack Hussein Obama #60Minutes pic.twitter.com/mT90rg2FNK View photo 60 Minutes [email protected] 35m #Obama expedites deportation of Saudi terrorist linked to the Boston bombing #60Minutes Expand 60 Minutes [email protected] 36m How Syrians are forced to riot in remote border villages and our media show it’s a public uprising #Syria pic.twitter.com/h4DbZ8IjKk View photo 60 Minutes [email protected] 37m We don’t negotiate with terrorists, because we are the terrorists.’ – Barack Hussein Obama pic.twitter.com/7lpbfwZLEx View photo 60 Minutes [email protected] 52m This time for suspending @Official_SEA #SEA #Syria

Gallery sources: https://mattbinder.tumblr.com @EmilieRSaunders @lexcoupe96 @MobileTruthUnit @brooksbayne

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