60,000 Personal Credentials Leaked From Syrian Sites

Lee J writes:

Today a hacker from the European Cyber Army going by the handle @Zer0Pwn has announced a leak of data from two Syrian based websites job.sy, realestate.sy.

The leak which is titled “ECA vs. Assad | Part 1″ was posted to Pastebin with a preview of some of the users’ data and a link to Sendspace. The attack is apart of a bigger operation that is going on towards what the hackers are claim are pro-Assad targets.

The data leak has resulted in over 60,000 accounts being dumped online and between the two databases are users’ credentials which have encrypted passwords for job.sy but plaintext for realestate.sy. Both databases have full user details such as full names, contact phone numbers and home addresses.

Read more on CyberWarNews.info, where Lee also notes other attacks that are part of the same campaign.

Note: this post incorporates some editing, including deleting links to the pastes that contain the data dumps.

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