67,000 Accounts Leaked From Cichlids Forums by @SirLeakAlot

In what has been a busy couple of days for large account leaks from various sources and sites has just been another that has come from a hacker who use’s the handle @SirLeakAlot The have just tweeted a big leak of accounts from website cichlid-forum.com.

SirLeakAlot ‏@SirLeakAlot @Cyber_War_News @AnonHackNews @OzDataCenta https://www.cichlid-forum.com  – https://www.peoplesliberationfront.net/anonpaste/?9766cc070ca5080b#tnReaKk+OS+ipMENArI8eB8P54WUVRu6xnBvAV8/V+g= … – #Hacked#Leaked #Datadump

The leaked data has been posted to anon paste hosted on peoplesliberationfront.net website and it comes in 4 parts. The 4 parts consist of the main release, two parts with 30k accounts each and one further part with 7k accounts. The leaked data contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords and the website is based in phpbb which is a well known Bulletin board/forum system. Once again you may use ozdc.net to see if your account has been breached. data will be processed over the coming hours and announced when finalized. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2745 Source

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