700 Sites Hacked, Defaced By 3CA – 3xp1r3 Cyber Army

3xp1r3 Cyber Army (3CA) hackers have been at it again leaving over 700 sites defaced after another hacking spree. The sites list was posted to pastebin not long ago and contains no real message or reason behind the attack but as we have seen in the past 3CA is well known to take its anger out towards Bangladeshi via hacking. At the time of publishing all sites we checked appeared to still be defaced all with a common deface which is not a main index defacement either. 3xp1r3-cyber-army_0 Partial site list:

  1. https://101bestproducts.com/3ca.html
  2. https://addoom.com/3ca.html
  3. https://247onlinepromotion.com/3ca.html
  4. https://2netexpress.com/3ca.html
  5. https://4infinitysales.com/3ca.html
  6. https://4yoursonly.com/3ca.html
  7. https://abc-expressclassifieds.com/3ca.html
  8. https://ad-crawler.com/3ca.html
  9. https://ad-notify.com/3ca.html
  10. https://ad-shooter.com/3ca.html
  11. https://ad-ventures-online.com/3ca.html
  12. https://adhere-to-promote.com/3ca.html
  13. https://adifyr.com/3ca.html
  14. https://adlinks-promoter.com/3ca.html
  15. https://ads-corner-online.com/3ca.html
  16. https://ads-heavens.com/3ca.html
  17. https://ads-monster.com/3ca.html
  18. https://adtube-directory.com/3ca.html
  19. https://advert-analyzer.com/3ca.html
  20. https://c4-classifieds.com/3ca.html
  21. https://categorizeyourproduct.com/3ca.html https://pastebin.com/vszd5WRa

About the author: Lee J

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