700,000 Accounts leaked for Project Sun Rise – Heart of Africa

projectsunrise-africas-heart-pastebin-com_ Its that time again, @TeamGhostShell has released another huge dump of information from over 20 different south African and African based websites. The leak is in the name of Project Sun Rise – Heart of Africa and appears to target a lot of petroleum and mining company’s and was announced on twitter last night. > #ProjectSunRise – Africa’s heart: pastebin.com/8fJbajpc 700.000 accounts/records leaked. #BloodDiamonds #Mining #Petroleum #CIA #SouthAfrica — GhostShell (@TeamGhostShell) January 28, 2013

The leak is said to contain complete database extractions from many different websites that total over 700,000 Accounts and personal login credentials. As with previous leaks from ghost Shell this one has been posted to pastebin with a list of mirrors and parts for the leaked data. All together there is 109 parts from 23 websites which totals over 63MB in size in text format. In the leak release with the mirror links comes few notes which require further investigation into the exact data from each sites databases.

Angola’s Oil field industries, CIA teaser (spot the 4 obvious databases; vulnerable link has been posted alongside the server layout, retrieve the names, locations and time/dates from db "cia" and trace it back to Washington; the rest we’ll leave as a surprise) –

For now here is a list of sites that have been breached, full statistics to come., Sites: 1. africa-re.com
2. woolworthsholdings.co.za
3. diamondcorporation.co.za
4. www.africanmining.com
5. bee-network.co.za
6. alliedti.com
7. illovoboulevard.com
8. genesisib.co.za
9. omni-id.com
10. ornico.co.za
11. moolmans.com
12. endiama.co.ao
13. angolaoilfield.com
14. www.expresspetroleum.co.za
15. servicedesk.ufs.ac.za46
16. westcol.co.za
17. theinc.co.za
18. sasolsdr.investoreports.com
19. tenders.nation.co.ke
20. www.mta.gov.dz
21. pressoffice.mg.co.za
22. freightforwarders.co.za
23. digital.postnet.co.za

Follow the progress here on the Ozdc.net operations page. Source: Pastebin

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