73,000 Finnish web users’ details hacked

The login details of 73,000 users of a popular Finnish family-oriented discussion forum were stolen and posted online in the latest in a series of widespread hacking attacks, police said today.

“We are aware of this incident and are investigating it as part of our wider investigation into the hacking attacks,” police investigator Timo Piiroinen told AFP.

In the latest incident, usernames, passwords and email addresses were made public Monday morning via another Finnish discussion forum.

Read more of this AFP news story on Hurriyet Daily News.

Although HDN does not name the forum, YLE.fi indicates that it is a group of related fora and names them:

Apparently more than 70,000 usernames and passwords for a stable of related Finnish websites have been hacked and published online. It is the latest in a series of such incidents in recent weeks that are being investigated by police.

The health-related sites affected are operated by Darwin Media Oy under the Terve.fi umbrella, and include Helistin.fi, Tohtori.fi, Poliklinikka.fi, Kimallus.fi, Huoltamo.com, Terve24.fi, Terkkari.fi and Verkkoklinikka.fi.

It is thought that the hack, which harvested an estimated 73,000 usernames and passwords, was carried out through the discussion forum of Helistin.fi. That site has been temporarily closed.

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