7GB data Leaked from Azerenergy, Azerbaijan’s largest electrical power producer

azrenerji Once again anonymous hacktivist have announced another leak of data from the Azerbaijan government and more so its  largest electrical power producer . The leak which is said to be over 7GB of files comes from Azerenergy and has been uploaded to anonfiles in 13 different parts. The announcement of the leaked data was originally posted to  cyberguerrilla.org just a short time ago > Azerenergy (Azerenerji Joint Stock Company (JSC)) is the largest electrical power producer in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It also maintains the largest distribution network in the country,[2] although the regional power networks are being privatized. Azerenergy was recreated as a state-owned joint stock company in 1996, by decree of President Heydar Aliyev.[3]

files In the announcement post there is a short message followed by links to the above files with a another short message.

My fellow lulz of Eternia, it has happened…HEMAN is here to entertain you..Today we present you a Monstrous ARCHIVE of Azerbaijan Energy Giant – AZERENERJI – inside Archives totaling ~7 GB of confidential dox, illegal schemes, accounting, contracts, offshores,research, etc, etc,. We are not that very much happy with Aliev’s politics therefore this release is just another leap in a series of releases to fight Azerbaijani mafia clans.

Enjoy the leak and stay tuned for more… Greetz to Armenian brothers of APAXHA, Lulz, Anons and TPB We r anonymous we do not forgive we do not forget we r the evil we r strong… HELP AZERBAIJAN FREE OF POLITICAL TERROR AND DICTATORSHIP Follow us on twitter @CarlozTheJackal

It also comes with a link to a imgur gallery of 68 files from the leak. Its not the first time the Azerbaijan government has come under sights of the same hackers who last time attacked and leaked data from SOCAR and many oil giants based in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan  Telecommunications has also suffered breaches in the past as well as the Special state protection service. Again, once time permits a full report will be done and released as to what is in these files.

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