80+ Sites hacked by Sniper 399

hackd-by-snpr-39 A hacker using the handle Sniper 399 has posted a paste to pastebin that contains a list of 80+ sites that they have defaced. The paste was posted about 10 AM AEST time and contains 88 sites but is titled as 200 sites so its anyone’s guess where the other 112 sites went to. The defacement contains only a short message stating that the hacker is Criminal and that the site has been hacked and defaced as well as some embedded music which is a playlist of female dubstep mixs. At time of publishing all the sites still appear to be defaced. Most of the sites do appear to be small sites that contain nothing of real interest so its any wonder why people put so much effort into attacking so many small scale targets unless its all in the name of skill building. Source: Pastebin

About the author: Lee J

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