860+ Sites Defaced By 3CA, 3xp1r3 Cyber Army

3xp1r3 Cyber Army hackers have been busy this week. After making a post to pastebin with the most recent mass deface listing we was surprised to see that it was 860 sites. 3CA is well known for its hacking and defacing of websites and they are one of the few crews who do real main page defacing as opposed to uploading an extra file on the target server. The sites appear to be fairly random and at time of publishing it, 24hrs after the release and at least 40hrs after the attack many sites are still defaced and hacked. The defacing has no real message besides a shout out to all its members and a statement that states they do this for a hobby because they love to. Partial site list:

  1. https://www.kulfi.co.in/
  2. https://www.kumarsuraksha.in/
  3. https://www.managementadmission.in/
  4. https://www.indiacauselist.in/
  5. https://www.kshitijmathur.in/
  6. https://www.shraddhaarts.co.in/
  7. https://www.youth4change.co.in/
  8. https://planetbollywoodmasala.com/
  9. https://www.celestialinfotech.com/
  10. https://easyloans4all.co.uk/
  11. https://georeachonline.net/
  12. https://www.modernmedics.com/
  13. https://www.makaanmumbai.com/
  14. https://natradings.com/
  15. https://allhotactresses.com/
  16. https://arfakarimtechnologies.com/
  17. https://arfakarimtechnologypark.com/
  18. https://downloadmoviesfreee.com/
  19. https://facebookpakistan.com/ https://pastebin.com/rjzTa35G

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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