9000 Accounts leaked from Italian Minister for Public Administration and Innovation

content/images/gallery/random2/www-qualitapa-gov_-it-dump-9000-accounts-pastebin-com_.png The Italian Minister for Public Administration and Innovation has been hacked by a SQL injection (if that’s what u call hacking ) regardless a twitter user going by the name of @Thorwed  posted a link to  9000 accounts that they have leaked on to pastebin.com, which consists of mostly user accounts with few administration accounts that belong to qualitapa.gov.it content/images/gallery/random2/www-qualitapa-gov_-it-dump-9000-accounts-pastebin-com_.png The Italian government has been attacked a fair few times this year with police database’s, police emails, CNAIPIC data leaks,  government leaks and other defacing happening pretty much every month. This leak contains usernames, encrypted passwords and emails of the user accounts. Leak: https://pastebin.com/wVSq1Ujb

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