90,000+ Accounts leaked from ihya.org by @th3inf1d3l

logo Today is Christmas, but that does not stop the hackers from going out and breaching sites and leaking data. An Islamic website hosted in Germany IHYA (https://ihya.org/) has been breached by hacker @th3inf1d3l in the name of #OpFuckMohammad. @th3inf1d3l Earlier announced that there was a large leak coming that totalled over 90,000 emails. > #OpFuckMohammad @cyber_war_news Stay tuned. Currently sitting at 74924 #breached #accts plus a total of 96910 unique emails #leaked #anybody — th3inf1d3l (@th3inf1d3l) December 25, 2012

Shortly after the announcement the leak was uploaded to anonfiles.me with an announcement on pastebin as well as being submitted to ozdc.net.

Greetings from th3inf1d3l – A very Merry Christmas from your friendly Internet vigilante bringing you my biggest leak of breached accounts to date. Below are the details for ihya.org at (very fitting IHYA is). ihya.org is a Islamic site host in Germany, providing among other things a quranic search. In total, 75716 accounts were breached from different tables and 97638 unique emails leaked from different tables. 34 DBs in total found, but the individual leaks are so huge, I wouldn’t have time to get everything in time for Christmas that I did not examine everything (There are 10 I didn’t look at). This leak contains usernames, emails, hashed passwords (many cracked), IP addresses, FB and other ids

The release file has two links to different archives uploaded to anonfiles.me which contain a cleaned version (5MB) of the dump and a complete version (8MB) as well. Both files are compressed and appear to be safe from any nasty stuff. File list of clean archive:ihya-org_files As you see in the release message this was not all of the data from the complete server as @th3inf1d3l was wanting to release this on Christmas day. Source: ozdc.net

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