900,000 Online and phone customers affected by Hanes hack


Richard Craver reports:

Hanesbrands Inc. said Wednesday that a customer order database was breached by a hacker in June, compromising information for about 900,000 online and telephone customers.

The hacker gained access to general customer information through the company’s website by posing as a “guest” customer checking an order, meaning they weren’t registered on the site. The hacker was able to get information including addresses, phone numbers and last four digits of a credit or debit card of other customers, Hanesbrands spokesman Matt Hall said.


Read more on Winston-Salem Journal. There doesn’t seem to be any notice on Hanesbrands’s website at this time.

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  1. Barbara - July 31, 2015

    I received the email from Hanes on Monday saying my personal info and last 4 digits of credit card had been stolen. When I called the number Hanes gave, the customer service rep told me not to worry..that with just my name, address, phone # and last 4 digits the thieves could do nothing.

    But when I called my credit card company, I was advised to immediately cancel my card and order another. I was told working off the last 4 digits and algorithms that go thru possible combinations of numbers, is exactly how most credit card fraud takes place.

    The fact Hanes tried to cover up this breach, (I informed various consumer sites online) AND intentionally gave out the wrong information put the customer in double jeopardy.

    Had Hanes told me at once, CANCEL that card, I’d be ok with this. But it looks to me like a company that has recently posted record profits has decided this data breach was best left hushed up.

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