$99 can buy you a uni’s “full database informations” (updated)

A web site recently discussed by Imperva and Brian Krebs has an updated listing of hacked sites for sale, and in yesterday’s listing, there were a number of U.S. educational institutions:

http://www.kent.edu/ Kent State University, A Top Ohio University Full site database Informations unknown $99
http://www.maricopa.edu/ Maricopa Community Colleges Full site database Informations unknown $99
http://www.unc.edu/ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Full site database Informations unknown $99
http://www.marshall.edu/ Marshall University – Huntington, WV Full SiteAdmin Control unknown $99
http://www.virginia.edu/ Univerity of Virginia Full site database Informations unknown $99
http://www.uconn.edu/ University of Connecticut Full database Informations unknown $99
http://www.uscb.edu/ University of South Carolina –  Beaufort Full SiteAdmin Control. 1123 $88

It’s not clear whether any of these universities are aware of the situation or that they have been hacked. All of the sites were online last night when I checked, unlike some of the military sites listed previously that were removed from the web.

One of the listings in the newest offerings is  somewhat ironic. The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill is the same university that demoted a professor/researcher whose mammography research database was hacked. So if the UNC’s own server was compromised (presumably by SQL injection), whose pay will they cut or who will they demote now? Will they demote themselves for not overseeing their own IT properly? Probably not.

Update: Marshall U.  says that they dealt with this issue yesterday and that there was no breach and no data have been accessed.  I’m waiting to hear from them with more details.  As I noted in the coverage, it’s not clear whether these universities have been hacked – all we have is a “for sale” notice with no proof of anything concerning these universities.

Update 2: See this more recent post for an update.

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