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Latest News

NL: Nearly a hundred notary offices victim of hacker

Anton Mous reports: 96 notary offices have become the victims of a cyber attack. On Friday morning, April 16, ICT supplier Managed IT from Nieuwegein was hacked by an unknown attacker. As a precaution, the company and a number of notarial software suppliers have shut down their servers and databases. The cyber attack was spotted last...

Fr: Cegos victim of ransomware attack

Cegos Group, a distance learning and training provider, was hit with a ransomware attack on April 15.  The firm posted a notice on their web site on April 20. The notice explains that the firm was investigating the incident and it was not yet clear whether individuals’ personal information had been compromised. While the...

Hackers Target Iconic Japan’s Toshiba Rival Hoya With Ransomware

Daniele Lepido reports: A group of hackers executed a ransomware attack on Hoya Corp, marking the second successful attack suffered by the Japanese firm in two years. ”We can confirm that Hoya Vision Care US has experienced a cyberattack. Based on our initial forensics, the disruption appears to have been limited to our United...

11th Circuit Asked to Toss Out Massive US Data Breach Settlement

Izzy Kapnick reports: A $380 million settlement over the 2017 Equifax data breach is hanging in the balance in the 11th Circuit, where a tort-reform attorney argued Tuesday that the deal unfairly lumped all plaintiffs into a single class. During the cantankerous appellate hearing, a three-judge panel weighed whether to preserve the historic settlement...