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Bank of Brasilia Attacked by Ransomware Demanding 50 BTC

Rajeesh Khanna reports: On October 3, ransomware infected the Bank of Brasilia, a government-controlled bank in Brazil. The hackers wanted 50 BTC in exchange for not releasing customer data. Local news outlet Tecmundo claims that a hacker identified as “Crydat” contacted them, demanding payment of 5.2 million Brazilian reais by October 6 at 15:00....

Lloyd’s of London reboots its network

Nick Farrell reports: Mega-UK insurer Lloyd’s of London fixed a possible cyberattack by turning off its network and turning it on again. Lloyd’s detected unusual activity on its network and it was investigating the issue.  While it did, it reset the Lloyd’s network and systems and blocked external connectivity has been turned off, including Lloyd’s...

Cyberattack on Colorado state website follows Russian hacktivist threat

Kevin Collier reports: Colorado state officials said the government’s website was taken offline Wednesday, the result of an apparent cyberattack that came shortly after a known Russia-based hacker group posted on Telegram that it would be targeting U.S. state websites. Colorado’s website was rendered inaccessible for much of the day Wednesday, and its portal...

Ro says it ‘inadvertently’ exposed employees’ personal information

Zack Whittaker and Natasha Mascarenhas report: Healthcare unicorn Ro is notifying employees of a data exposure involving their personal information after a security contractor “inadvertently” uploaded a spreadsheet of employee data to the internet. In a data breach notice obtained by TechCrunch from an affected employee who received the notice this week, Ro said...

MO: Grain Valley School District investigates cyberattack

Heidi Schmidt and Jonathan Katz report: The Grain Valley School District confirms it is investigating a cyberattack. “Basically what first went down was the printers,” student Nathan Rathmann said Wednesday about how his last three days have changed in school. “Then throughout the day, we had buggy Wi-Fi. Our power school went completely down,...

Covering Up Cyber Breaches

I was researching something and stumbled across a post in r/sysadmin on Reddit that begins: I wanted to make this post for a few months now because I know we all have horror stories on this topic. It seems the only way to stop this is to make sure more IT admins are aware...

Hacker steals $566 million worth of crypto from Binance Bridge

Lawrence Abrams reports: Hackers have reportedly stolen 2 million Binance Coins (BNB), worth $566 million, from the Binance Bridge. Details are scant at the moment, but the attack appears to have started at 2:30 PM EST today, with the attacker’s wallet receiving two transactions , each consisting of 1,000,000 BNB. Soon after the hacker began spreading...

CSI Laboratories reports a second big breach this year

Georgia-based Cytometry Specialists d/b/a CSI Laboratories (“CSI”) has reported a second big breach this year. In a press release issued this week, CSI reports that they discovered on July 8 that they had been the victim of a phishing attack that compromised an employee’s email account. The incident was reported to HHS on September...