FL: PBSO deputy gets 5 years in prison in ID theft case

CBS12 reports on a case I’ve been updating on this site for the past few years: A Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s deputy received five years in prison after pleading guilty in an identity theft case. In March, Deputy Frantz Felisma pleaded guilty to federal charges of aggravated identity theft and access device fraud. He admitted to using his sheriff’s office laptop to gather people’s personal information, then passing it on to a friend. A judge sentenced Felisma Tuesday to five years in prison.

PBSO deputy backs out of ID theft guilty plea; to take chance on trial

Jane Musgrave reports: A former Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy on Friday was allowed to recant his guilty pleas and will get a chance to persuade a jury that he didn’t use his access to law enforcement databases to propel a $250,000 identity theft scam. U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks agreed to let former deputy Frantz Felisma withdraw his guilty pleas to charges of unauthorized use of credit cards and aggravated identity theft and instead go to trial. In granting Felisma’s unusual request, Middlebrooks recalled the confusion that erupted in March when Felisma pleaded guilty to the two charges. Read more on PalmBeachPost.com.

FL: PBSO deputy pleads guilty to federal ID theft

Fox29 reports: After some hesitation and much confusion, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Frantz Felisma plead guilty to identity theft and device fraud in federal court Thursday. Federal investigators say Felisma used his department issued laptop, and his access to a law enforcement database, to steal personal information from at least 15 people. Felisma then sold that information to a man named Kesner Joaseus. Joaseus set up bank accounts and credit cards, using the victims’ names. Read more on Fox29.

PBSO deputy tied to $283,000 identity-theft scam

Mike Stucka reports: The Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy arrested Thursday on federal identity-theft charges is tied to a longtime scamster who pleaded guilty this year to a $283,00 identity theft, as well as being part of a $387,000 fraud to rent dozens of houses that weren’t his. A Homeland Security agent’s affidavit against deputy Frantz Felisma, 42, says another criminal identified as K.J. would ask Felisma to use his law-enforcement computer access to get details of people driving expensive cars, then use that information to get credit cards with their information and steal money he used, in part, to get his own expensive cars. Read more on Palm Beach Post.

FL: Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy arrested in ID theft case

Paula McMahon and Adam Sacasa report: A Palm Beach sheriff’s deputy faces identity theft and fraud charges for abusing his access to a law enforcement database to steal people’s personal information, authorities said Thursday. Another man arrested in the same case told investigators that he agreed to pay Deputy Frantz Felisma $10,000 a month in exchange for the deputy routinely obtaining the personal information of people who owned luxury vehicles, records show. U.S. Magistrate Judge William Matthewman agreed to keep Felisma jailed Thursday after prosecutors raised concerns he could flee the country. Read more on Sun Sentinel.