SuperValu renews link with LoyaltyBuild

Caroline O’Doherty reports: SuperValu has resumed its leisure breaks scheme with the company that lost the personal details of more than 60,000 of its customers. The supermarket chain got back into business with Loyaltybuild after what it described as “a long period of consultation, during which Loyaltybuild made a significant investment updating its security features to the highest possible standards”. Loyaltybuild said it had spent more than €500,000 upgrading its computer systems since the breach and now had the “gold standard in global security regulations”. The company has also advertised for a certified ethical hacker — a systems analyst with specialist training in legally breaking into computer systems — to help find weak spots in its IT security. Read more on Irish Examiner. SuperValu was just one of LoyaltyBuild’s customers affected by the hack. Total numbers for their breach were estimated at over 500,000. See previous coverage on this blog.

Loyaltybuild reopens for business after huge data breach

Elaine Edwards reports: The company at the centre of the biggest data breach ever dealt with in Ireland has recommenced trading and said it had invested €500,000 in new security systems after the criminal attack last year. Ennis-based Loyaltybuild, which provides services to companies running holiday break promotions, was hit by the breach late last year and it emerged the personal details of about 1.5 million people across Europe were compromised. Read more on Irish Times. Previous coverage on this blog linked from here.

Five other firms impacted by the Loyaltybuild breach

Conor Pope reports: Customers of a further eight companies including Clerys, Centra, Postbank and Pigsback have had their personal information stolen in the data breach at Co Clare-based company Loyaltybuild. Credit card information of customers of Clerys’ loyalty travel scheme as well as personal details including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are now know (sic) to have been stolen in the cyber attack. Non-financial information of customers of Centra, vouchers website PigsBack, Postbank Ireland and a small Ennis orthodontics company called TOG were also compromised. Credit card details of Stena Line customers in Northern Ireland have also been compromised as have a small number of credit card details and the personal data of customers of Northern Unislim. Read more on Irish Times. Since readers of this blog already knew about Supervalu,  Stena Line, Axa Insurance, and ESB,   it’s actually five more firms that we’re first learning about.

Drip drip dripping it out …. Loyaltybuild

Expect more clients of Loyaltybuild to be named tomorrow as victims of the firm’s data breach. It appears that Loyaltybuild just discovered last night that even more companies were affected and needed to notify them first before releasing the information publicly.

Update: About 6,700 ESB customers affected by Loyaltybuild data breach

Loyaltybuild really needs to get ahead of the story instead of allowing the media to leak out each new part of its breach.  Now we learn that the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) in Ireland was also impacted. The Irish Times reports: The personal information of about 6,700 ESB customers is now known to have been included in a massive data breach affecting the Loyaltybuild company in Ennis, Co Clare. Electric Ireland confirmed it had been informed by Loyaltybuild that the data breach had affected ESB customers who participated in a loyalty scheme run by the ESB in 2007 and 2008. In total, about 1.5 million people across Europe have had their personal details compromised in the breach, including 80,000 Supervalu customers and 8,000 Axa customers. In an update this evening, the Data Protection Commissioner said the latest affected data related to customer contact details of approximately 6700 ESB customers including name, address, phone number, email and a booking reference. “ It is understood that financial data are not involved,” the office said.. Electric Ireland will be notifying affected customers. […] And of course, with each new story, they repeat the total of 1.5 million and create yet one more unflattering Google result if any future clients were to Google search for Loyaltybuild.