A billion medical images are exposed online, as doctors ignore warnings

Zack Whittaker reports on a problem that has been documented and headlined, but continues to grow instead of shrink:

…. Greenbone found 24 million patient exams storing more than 720 million medical images in September, which first unearthed the scale of the problem as reported by ProPublica. Two months later, the number of exposed servers had increased by more than half, to 35 million patient exams, exposing 1.19 billion scans and representing a considerable violation of patient privacy.

But the problem shows little sign of abating. “The amount of data exposed is still rising, even considering the amount of data taken offline due to our disclosures,” said Schrader.

Read more on TechCrunch.

Hello, HHS OCR? Might this be a good time for you to crack down and make an example of one entity to warn all? 

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