A Further 23 Sites Defaced For Free Tibet by Anonymous Hackers

The other day we did a very short post about a hacker who was hacking chinese based website in the name of the long going battle to free Tibet. In that article we posted that the hackers had defaced 45 sites and now we have discovered a further 23 sites bringing to the total to 68 Sites. The common Free Tibet defacement we have seen so far are all the same. content/images/gallery/random3/china-attack.png The hackers who is using the handle poltergeisth4cker and this time rather the deface file saying "F**k China" It states Free-Tibet instead which is a bit more on topic. Most recent attack list is

  1. www.wxtyxx.com/free-tibet.html
  2. www.htshuili.cn/free-tibet.html
  3. fm7988.cn/free-tibet.html
  4. ddfx.jlpdd.com/free-tibet.html
  5. ccjo.cn/free-tibet.html
  6. cc.latvu.net/free-tibet.html
  7. www.xxzcl.com/free-tibet.html
  8. www.0550114.com/free-tibet.html
  9. survey.majornet.com.cn/free-tibet.html
  10. www.lygmedia.com/free-tibet.html
  11. www.hztjzx.com.cn/free-tibet.html
  12. www.czhc4s.com/free-tibet.html
  13. 0797y.net/free-tibet.html
  14. ezskl.cnezhou.cn/free-tibet.html
  15. longnanlvyou.com/free-tibet.html
  16. www.ascz.gov.cn/free-tibet.html
  17. www.969185.com/free-tibet.html
  18. ledwang.com/free-tibet.html
  19. activation.gfedu.net/free-tibet.html
  20. www.xmipo.gov.cn/free-tibet.html
  21. www.yjyw.cn/free-tibet.html
  22. www.zxjfb.com/free-tibet.html
  23. www.zjxf.gov.cn/free-tibet.html

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