A message to Bishop of Orlando from Anonymous

Operation Orlando is still going flat out with the mayor still not backing down on the food permit and the FnB feeders still face jail time for doing the right thing. Early today has seen an attack on some more Orlando city websites, but not long after a warning was pasted on paste bin and announced on twitter. this warning ( which is below) states they will be taking down OrlandoDiocese.org and RotoaryOrlando.org and both will remain offline until 7.00PM ET. Shortly after there was calls going out of Tango down…. > Anonymous Operation Orlando – Communique July 10, 2011 At 12:00 Noon ET tomorrow we will take down two web sites: www.OrlandoDiocese.org and www.RotaryOrlando.org and both will remain offline until 7:00 PM ET. Our message with these take downs is clear, these are civic groups whose own ethics demand that they stand with the poor of Orlando and Food Not Bombs. If they will do so we will remove them from the Target List. We would especially like to get the attention of the Bishop of Orlando. You are a man of God, an Heir to the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Issue a statement supporting Food Not Bombs and call upon the Mayor to cease these despicable arrests. Do this and we will remove the Orlando Diocese from our Target List.But we call on you to take a step further, and intervene with the Mayor’s office as an intermediary. You can contact us at [email protected] – go to the Mayor of Orlando and tell him to negotiate with FNB and Anonymous through you. There is no one in Orlando more suitable to act as a mediator in this crisis than Your Excellency.Once again we call on everyone in Orlando, Florida to write to the Mayor and tell him to end this now, stop the arrests – and drop these ridiculous charges against these amazing and courageous volunteers.SIGNED  —  Anonymous

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