A Mysterious Hacker Group Is On a Supply Chain Hijacking Spree

Andy Greenberg reports:

A software supply chain attack represents one of the most insidious forms of hacking. By breaking into a developer’s network and hiding malicious code within apps and software updates that users trust, supply chain hijackers can smuggle their malware onto hundreds of thousands—or millions—of computers in a single operation, without the slightest sign of foul play. Now, what appears to be a single group of hackers has managed that trick repeatedly, going on a devastating supply chain spree—and becoming more advanced and stealthy as they go.

Over the last three years, supply chain attacks that exploited the software distribution channels of at least seven different companies have now all been tied to a single group of likely Chinese-speaking hackers. They’re known as Barium, or sometimes ShadowHammer, ShadowPad, or Wicked Panda, depending on which security firm you ask. More than perhaps any other known hacker team, Barium appears to use supply chain attacks as their core tool. Their attacks all follow a similar pattern: Seed out infections to a massive collection of victims, then sort through them to find espionage targets.

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