A quick note on the Heritage Foundation leak

As reported on this site, The Heritage Foundation leaked a ton of information about donors and others. In light of that, you may be wondering whether the FTC will go after them for unreasonable data security.

The answer to that is probably “no,” because the FTC doesn’t have authority to enforce Section 5 when it comes to not-for-profits.

Disturbing, isn’t it? While we might say, “Well, not-for-profits don’t make any profit, so….” the reality is that lots of “not-for-profits” have incredible amounts of money (such as health insurers). Shouldn’t they be subject to the same data security expectations as other entities?

So what regulatory agency or state attorney general will pursue The Heritage Foundation data leak?

Probably none.

If you think otherwise, use the Comments section below to tell me what agency will pursue this and why you think so.

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