A rather bland breach notification sparks questions

Steve Ragan reports:

Alpha Software Inc., a business that focuses on development tools for businesses wishing to create AJAX-based platforms, recently announced a data breach in a manner so casual, some actually questioned if it was real.


Dear Customer,

We have been informed that there has been a security breach at the Internet Service Provider where our web site is hosted. This may have resulted in your credit card information being compromised. While it is entirely possible that your credit card information has not been stolen, in the interests of caution, we recommend that you contact your credit card provider to discuss what steps, if any, they recommend.

Going forward, we no longer store credit card information on our side. This will eliminate any risk associated with placing credit card orders on our site. We thank you for your support and look forward to helping you build your businesses and organizations with Alpha Five Version 10.


Alpha Software

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