A Romanian, involved in the Russian cyber attacks of the last days on some Romanian sites has been arrested by UK police

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The announcement was made by the Minister of Interior, Lucian Bode:“After these attacks, the specialists of the Ministry of Interior, the Police and other structures carried out activities through the legal competence to counter the attacks, to protect the sites and to identify those responsible .Thus, a suspected person, a Romanian citizen, resident in Great Britain, was identified, who supported the activity of the criminal group, by offering support for the translation from Russian into Romanian of the criminal materials. He also indicated which sites in Romania could be attacked.


Last week’s cyberattacks were claimed by Killnet, a pro-Kremlin group of Russian hackers. They targeted several Romanian government websites, as well as the websites of some companies, airports and parties.

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Background: Russian hacktivists launch DDoS attacks on Romanian govt sites

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