A show of Remorse over for hacking Womens Land Link Africa

It would appear that over night something that m,ost of us have has gotten the best of Anonymous Australia hacktivist #DokotorBass. Yesterday they released a dump from a women rights website "**Womens Land Link Africa" **which contained thousands of account details of users of the site. Today they have come out with the following statement which shows that hackers do feel bad for what they do sometimes.

Right. I’ve made a mistake obviously. I feel very guilty now about dumping that site, i shouldn’t have done it. It was a site promoting women’s rights in Africa for fuck’s sake. I’m meant to be supporting that.. I’m not sure what i was thinking but i can truthfully say im a fuckwit. Young and stupid. @ wllaweb.org: i’m righting them a formal apology now. PLEASE, DO NOT TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE ANYMORE. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED, PLEASE DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. @ CyberWarNews: please remove that article you just did on this. God have mercy upon me. #DoktorBass

Now as you can see they are clearly sorry this has happened, but we are not making excuses for them as what has happened has already happened and there is nothing we can do about that one. We urge anyone that feels they have been effected by this breach to use ozdc.net to see if there account was in fact breached, if so then change your accounts details now. Now this type of remorse hardly gets out in public as most hackers who release data they shouldn’t of simply disappear after its happened, most likely due to being ashamed of what they have done. Hopefully this will see the end of leaks from doktorbass and they have learnt a lesson.

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