A Statement from .c0mrade

cThis year a hacker named .c0mrade came out of nowhere and left many high profile targets exposed as having exploitable systems. Some of this attacks were on airport systems, telecommunications and even cashier systems. We have recently been in contact with .c0mrade who wishes to remain off the scene. We asked c0mrade if they had anything they would like us to publish, in the form of a statement and below is the response.


Where did I go? Why did I go? I became opaque, multivocal and polysemous during the course of studies in the anteroom. I’ll peg away from pansophy and marshal the head of some facts. Most things I’d have expected to happen, happened, but the things I wanted to happen, hit the ball but never gave a helping hand to my Promethean life. Right now at this very minute, I’m sitting on the side of my grave with the apple of my eye focusing on the mesa of companies I’ve owned. There comes a time though in every man’s life where acroamatic cyclopedias just get boring. Half-witted pseudo-security experts are dancing to Tom Jones’ "It’s not unusual", and feeble-minded groups are somehow (strangely) making noise, but remember, don’t prolong the inevitable, if you get caught, I’ll bet your primogenitors’ blood you’ll sequel. I’ll stick around, you can find the old archive almost anywhere (e.g https://www.pastebin.com/u/BinLaden) — Twitter: @comradeisgod. Peace. #out

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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