Aaron’s operations computer stolen during burglary, contained customers’ Social Security numbers

It never rains but it pours?

I had never heard of Aaron’s until  earlier this year when they were sued for allegedly installing spyware on rent-to-own computers. But now I see their name again – this time, on a breach notification to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

According to the firm’s letter of October 18, a Fresno, California franchise was burglarized.  Aaron’s was informed of the burglary on September 26, and by September 30, had determined that a computer stolen in the burglary contained customers’ names and Social Security numbers.  According to their notification, 1,008 residents of New Hampshire were affected by the breach; the nationwide total was not provided.  Reportedly, the computer contained information on the franchisee’s customers and (other) Aaron’s customers.

The firm sent out notifications to consumers the week of October 17, offering them free credit monitoring services even though it appeared the computer was likely stolen for its hardware value and not for the data.

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