ABC Australia confirms data breach, target was old micro-site

mah Late last night or early this morning, how ever you want to look at it, ABC Australia was breached and heap of personal information had been posted online. It appears that since then, according to SCmagazine the ABC Australia spokeswomen Sally Cray has confirmed that this data is in fact from ABC and that a old "micro-site" or side site from 2010 was the host of the information that has been leaked to the public. I can now announce that the exact sub domain that was targeted was for the 2010 show Making Australia happy in which since the ABC has disabled access to this sub domain. A cached view of the sites registration shows that the leaked personal data is from people who have signed up.

Welcome to your first step on the path of happiness. By signing up, you’ll be able to join millions of other Australians as they embark on a three-week happiness program called Get Happy. Test your happiness levels, receive your weekly activities and share your experiences here in Get Happy. Please fill out the fields below.

That form asks for details like gender, age range, names, emails and post code which matches the data form the leak. It is still unclear exactly what was exploited to gain access to the sites database but it sends out a clear message to many sites who often make sub domains for one reason or another then forget about them leaving them open to attacks. I also give some respect out to the ABC reporters who are doing an excellent job in finding out the details of this breach. They had made the extra step to attempt to contact sources and confirm data etc, this is how all main media should be and lets hope its a start of something new for main media and cyber related issues.

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