ABC Australia Hacked, 49,561 Moderator and User Credentials leaked

abc-logo Updated: 4:39 AM 27/02/2013 Tonight a hacker using the handle @Phr0zenM has announced a leak of data from the Official Australian ABC website. The announcement came on twitter about 1.50 am AEST and the attack is said to be on a subdomain of the main official site but its unknown exactly which domain this is. > ABC hacked for giving a platform for Geert Wilders to spread hatred #OpWilders – database leaked! — Phr0zenMyst (@Phr0zenM) February 26, 2013

The  hackers twitter account appears to be about as old as the first tweet and original posting on pastebin suggesting this profile was created for the leak and attack has been carried out in the name of #OpWilders for the this video on the abc website which the hacker says allows Dutch politician Geert wilders to spread hatred. The leaked data has been posted to in 10 parts with a main index of them links posted to pastebin.

Australia’s ABC subdomain hacked for giving Geert Wilders a platform to voice anti-Islam anti-Muslim hatred. #OpWilders

The information in the leak is personal credentials such as emails, names, genders, site positions, user passwords, ips, post codes, address, location and other information. A lot of the emails appear to be Australian related and in total 49,561 with about 5,000 credentials with emails being located in each part (exact number below). All the passwords are encrypted but the other information relates to exact locations so this in turn is fairly critical that each user is alert to the situation asap and that ABC get to fixing the problem at hand. The video which has a transcript below starts of with "Geert Wilders is the Dutch anti-immigration and anti-Islam MP. He’s the founder of the right wing Party For Freedom" which gives a really good insight to why this attack has been done as we have seen this trend in the past where media sites will be attacked due to posting news that some one does not agree with. >  Founded in 2005 as the successor to Geert Wilders‘ one-man party in the House of Representatives, it won nine seats in the 2006 general election, making it the fifth largest party in parliament.

At time of publishing the @Phr0zenM hacker still had not answered my DM request to a few questions i had so we will just wait and see where that goes.  As it always goes contact is made shortly after. Anyways, the subdomain will not be disclosed at this current time with hints it may be disclosed later. Below is Exact credentials with emails found by part id: 1. 4993
2. *4998 *
3. *5003 *
4. *5001 *
5. *5000 *
6. 5000
7. *4998 *
8. *4998 *
9. *4997 *
10. 4573

source: pastebin

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