ABM Industries notifies employees that their data was stolen

This week, ABM Industries notified some current and former employees that their names and Social Security numbers are in the hands of a thief.

According to the letter sent by ABM to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, on March 5, the Atlanta office of ABM was broken into and some electronic items were stolen. One of the stolen computers contained some tax-related information for employees who worked for the firm in 2007 and 2008.  Ninety-one of those affected are New Hampshire residents.

Although law enforcement apprehended one suspect on or about March 22, they were unable to recover the computer with the employee tax information on it.  After initially asking the firm not to send out notifications lest publicity compromise their investigation, they eventually informed the firm that they could begin notifying affected employees on April 15.

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  1. jack sprat - April 23, 2011

    Totally inescusable and instead of making it right they want their employees to accept some 3rd party “security” for a year. where was this protection when they needed it, before abm(ampco) allowed this to happen. How will this fix any of the problems this ineptitude is likely to cause? they should be ashaned and i am sure many lawsuits from employees will be forthcoming, and rightfully so.

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