Abortion provider ordered to retrain employees on medical waste disposal

In a follow-up to a story reported previously, Kim Kozlowski of the Detroit News reports:

The Lathrup Village abortion clinic that was under investigation this month for improper disposal of medical waste and documents has been asked to retrain its employees on handling of medical waste by next month, according to a letter mailed today to WomanCare by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Three violations were outlined, but no fines were levied. The investigation followed a March 10 seizure of the contents of Dumpsters outside the facility.

The violations include: improper disposal and separation of medical waste, placement into unlabeled containers and mixing medical waste with other waste at the facility.

The letter asked Alberto Hodari, the clinic’s medical director, to retrain employees at each WomanCare locations on proper segregation, packaging and disposal of medical waste by April 18.

Full story – Detroit News

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