Accounting firm notifies clients affected by Citrix Shareful incident

In December, 2018, Citrix forced a password reset for some of its clients due to what appeared to be a credential stuffing attack against ShareFile. But did some customers first find out about it March?  On April 16, external counsel for LD Evans, CPA provided notification that began;

On March 4, 2019, LD Evans learned from Citrix that individuals’ personal information may have been obtained by an unknown, unauthorized third party as the result of a security issue related to its use of Citrix ShareFile, a third-party filesharing service. LD Evans took immediate action to enhance security protocols and confirm that the issue could not lead to further unauthorized access.

LD Evans also conducted an internal investigation, which determined that an unknown, unauthorized third party could have gained access to individuals’ personal information stored within its Citrix ShareFile environment, including the names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and bank account information of affected individuals.

Approximately 631 California residents were affected in this potential incident. The total number of LD Evans clients was not disclosed.

Update: this post was corrected post-publication because I had erroneously linked to a subsequent Citrix issue involving their internal network instead of the ShareFile incident. Thanks to the alert reader who questioned my connection between the events.

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