Acer India Hacked, 20,000 User Credentails leaked

acer-logoTurkish Ajan Hacker Group member Maxney has contacted us with a new breach on the Acer India server ( which has resulted in defacing and data being leaked. The attack has left 6 acer sub domains sporting a new index.html which comes with the common messages that we often see from Maxney. select-acer_-co_-in-index-html The breach has also seen a dump of data be posted to rapid share and this data is claimed to be over 20,000 user credentials and information in the format of XLS but comes as a 41mb compressed rar file. At time of publishing i had only been able to quickly go over this data. The data appears to be a complete server extraction within two folders. The defacement was no a complete index rewrite but more so a addon which has effected the below sites, mirrors below. Leak file here

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