ACORN Claims Theft of Dumpster Docs

R. Stickney updates us on the ACORN breach reported yesterday:

ACORN says a man who took thousands of documents from a trash bin outside its San Diego County office broke the law and is demanding he return them.

Amy Schur, who heads California’s ACORN operations, said Tuesday that her group filed a crime report with police in National City, which has an anti-scavenging law. Schur has also asked the county district attorney’s office to help get back the papers, which were taken from a caged trash area behind the National City office last month.


On Monday, Schur explained why the paperwork was in the trash.

“In early October, when our San Diego staff were doing an office clean-up in preparation for a major 10-station phone bank program being set up in our offices, it appears that included in the piles of garbage being thrown out may have been some documents containing private information,” Schur wrote in an e-mail to NBCSanDiego. “To the individuals whose paperwork was pulled out of the dumpster by this guy Derrick Roach – unsuccessful Republican candidate for State Rep in San Diego – we truly apologize. We will seek return of this information so that we may give proper notice of the compromising of the information as required by law.”

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