Activist’s Hospital Records Stolen: “I Am Fearful For My Life; I Am Under Psychological Pressure From Security Forces”

This is not the typical kind of medical privacy breach that I post to this blog, but it’s a reminder that there are many types of privacy breaches and some may be particularly malignant:

Following news that security forces stole Narges Mohammadi’s medical records, she spoke the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about her concerns after being informed. “They contacted me from the hospital and told me that security forces have visited my medical file and have taken away parts of it. I don’t know what the attraction of these documents is for security forces! Unless they have stolen them for a project. I am fearful about my life,” she told the Campaign.

Narges Mohammadi was arrested on 10 June and released 22 days later. She developed a number of ailments while in prison. “I would like to tell the Campaign as a human rights organization that I find the lifting of my medical files very frightening. The stolen documents show what kinds of medicines I use, what types of treatments I am under, how I survive and what types of things threaten my health. Of what use are they to security forces?! Since I have been released, every week, every two weeks, and every month I am under psychological pressure from security forces. They have brought me to my knees. Now I am fearful for my life,” Mohammadi told the Campaign.

Read more on International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Not only does this sound politically motivated, if the facts are as alleged, the breach threatens a patient’s health and safety if the hospital has no backup of her medical records and treatments.

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