Add Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh to list….

Kid #1 came in last night and threw the letter down on my desk in disgust. For the second time since June, Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh had notified him that his debit card was being replaced due to a breach and that he would have to personally come in to the bank to activate the new card.

The bank’s notification letter was even less helpful than the uninformative one he had received in June. At least that one had a phone number on the letterhead if anyone actually wanted to call. This letter was the June letter verbatim with only the dates replaced, and had no phone number on it all.

Looking back at that June letter, I see that I had wondered at the time what breach it might be connected to, but never heard anything more. Now that we know that the Heartland breach seems to have occurred as early as May, is it possible that the June letter was actually a result of Heartland, too? Do we actually know how early misuse of debit cards or credit cards started in the Heartland breach?

Somebody probably knows, but we’re not being told much.

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