Adnanoktar Defaced in the name of Antisec has seen quick a big deface just now, Turkish Team RedHack who joined the operation Anti Security on jun 26th has defaced the site. The defacing has been done in Turkish, I’ve translated it to best google can do and screen shot it. The wording over the site is a bit messed up, if anyone can get a more accurate translation contact us. The website belongs to Adnan Oktar, an Islamic creationist, who successfully got a few websites block by the Turkish government. The site: Red Hackers AssociationTurkish version:   Hacked by RedHack - Sivas Katliamini unutmadik, unutturmayacagiz! - Kahrolsun Sansurcu Adnan Oktar - Harun Yahya ve onun gibi yobazlar - HaLk Icin Hack RedHack [ KiziL HackerLar ] Red Hackers Association

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