Adobe Hacked, Yahoo Next Hacker Claims

A hacker who goes by the name ViruS_HimA has claimed they have hacked web giant adobe and that yahoo is next in the sights. The claims have surfaced over the past few days and a pastebin file dating the 13th contains the message from ViruS_HimA. In the message they state they are not leaking the full data from adobe which is said to be in the 150,000 mark of account details such as usernames, emails, passwords and other information. The release file contains a few  links to download sites with 645 accounts that belong to adobe staff and government and military staff as well. That leaked data contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords as well as other personal information which is very incomplete. Release message.

Hello f0lks 🙂 This is ViruS_HimA [From Egypt] in one of the Greatest Leaks of Adobe. 🙂 0x00 = Whoami? 0x01 = What happened? What will be leaked? 0x02 = Why? 0x03 = Sh00ts. 0x04 = Leaks 0x00 = Whoami? I’m ViruS_HimA an Egyptian Hacker, born in 1337 😛 Wanna get in touch? adam[dot]theruler{at} —————————– Hint about Egyptian Hackers: | ———————————— When we hit, We r0x like a charm. | Fear us, because we do really harm.| ———————————— #0x01-2 = What happened? I have Hacked into one of Adobe servers, Gained full access to it, Dumped the Database, It contains over 150,000 Emails,Passwords with full data for a lot of Adobe customers and partners including Emails and Passwords for "Adobe Employees", "US Military", "USAF", "Google", "Nasa", ".Edu" and many many more companies around the world! [In depth details will be sent to Adobe Security Team] #0x01 = What will be leaked? I’m not looking to ruin Adobe business so i will leak only emails @ "", ".mil", ".gov" with Screen Shot as a proof of concept 😛 0x02 = Why? Adobe is a very big company but they don’t really take care of them security issues, When someone report vulnerability to them, It take 5-7 days for the notification that they’ve received your report!! It even takes 3-4 months to patch the vulnerabilities! such big companies should really respond very fast and fix the security issues as fast as they can. "Don’t be like Microsoft,Yahoo security teams!! but be like Google security team" Qouted from Hima. BTW, Next Leak will be for Yahoo Soon. it gonna be very hot leak 😛 [ Virus_Hima => Egypt Rules! ] 0x03 = Sh00ts: Doksh A.K.A (The Nigga) 😛 RedVirus A.K.A (My Antee5) 😛 ISM A.K.A (Elzeftawy) 😛 HcJ A.K.A (7Amonil!) 😛 Cyber-1st A.K.A (Sr3ng4ty) 😛

The release message also contains 3 links to screen caps which are there as a proof of concept on the full leaked data.  At the end of the leak as you may of seen is a hint that the next leak will be soon and that it is set for Yahoo. Leak stats

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