ADP coding error also impacted AlliedBarton Security Services, too

I’m still uncovering details of the ADP coding error breach that impacted employees of the City of Houston, US Airways, and McKesson. Now we can add AlliedBarton Security Services to the list of affected clients.

And Lennox International.

Interestingly, these newly posted reports indicate that 206 of ADP’s clients were affected by this breach. In a statement ADP had sent to that I posted previously, they had written:

ADP recently discovered a software code error that affected a subset of employees from a small number of clients for whom ADP provides electronic tax document services.

So I guess 206 is a “small number of clients.” I wonder what the total number of employees notified for the 206 clients comes to. It appears that  3,285 employees of US Airways were potentially affected, as were 1,301 Houston employees.  And there are 204 more clients whose employees got notified? Even though this may seems like a row-risk breach, this breach may have resulted to notification of hundreds of thousands of ADP’s clients’ employees.

No wonder they didn’t want to answer my questions.

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