Adult Advertising Site Hacked, 969 User Details Leaked by Anonymous

content/images/gallery/antisec12/sex06-nl-de-geilste-advertenties-van-de-benelux.png A Netherlands based adult  website that focuses on advertising for the adult industry has become victim to hackers today after its database was breached and as a result 969 accounts have been dumped onto pastehtml. The information that was leaked contains usernames, emails, passwords and other personal information such as telephone numbers and ip address. The site which has been attacked is a based for other adult websites for them to advertise via banner exchanges or paid programs. The attack has been claimed by Anonymous with reasons leading towards lack of security via SQL Injection on the sites behalf which is becoming a very common problem and these sites need to fix their systems before they end up like this one, because its not a matter if it happens, its when it happens.

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