Adventures in breach notification, Saturday edition

Someone should start a web site archiving the inappropriate responses we get when we try to notify entities that they’ve had a data breach.  This would be my entry for today:

I tried to alert an entity that they’d been hacked and data had been exfiltrated. It was after normal business hours, and I could find only one extension that reached an actual person. I told them why I was calling, figuring that they would take the information and escalate the message internally.

I seem to have figured wrong.

The employee told me that their extension was for emergencies, and that unless  I had an emergency, theirs was the wrong extension. I replied that I understood that, but I was trying to alert the firm to *their* emergency.

Did they try to transfer my call? No, they did not.

Did they ask for information that might have helped them? No, they did not.

They hung up on me.

And no, I didn’t call back.

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  1. Indee One - September 17, 2016

    It is a good thing you take rejection not personally… probably glad you are not in sales industry

    • Dissent - September 17, 2016

      A firm I worked for a long time ago asked me to help out in sales. The customers asked me what I thought of the merchandise. I told them the truth. My sales experience lasted, oh, maybe an hour. 🙂

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