Oct 022017

As this site noted in August, health insurer Aetna had a privacy breach when almost 12,000 members’ HIV status was unintentionally disclosed in mailing envelope windows.

This week, Aetna announced it was offering immediate assistance to members affected by the breach. It’s unusual to see a breached entity offer such immediate assistance, and I think it’s to their credit that they are are trying to offer immediate mitigation help without requiring any release from those affected. Here’s their full notice:

Sep 28 2017

Aetna has launched a program to provide immediate relief to individuals who are claiming they were affected by the inadvertent disclosure of protected health information in a July mailing regarding filing prescriptions for medications to treat or prevent HIV/AIDS.  Through this program, Aetna is offering reimbursement and payments to individuals who claim they have incurred financial hardship as a direct result of the privacy breach, and Aetna is also providing access to counseling services for affected individuals and their families who claim they were affected. You may submit forms in either or both categories.

Participate in the program or learn more information

Alternatively, please feel free to phone or email the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania at 215-587-9377 or the Legal Action Center (New York residents only) at 212-243-1313. These non-profit legal organizations that serve clients with HIV/AIDS have agreed to assist with the processing of requests.  Determinations of requests for financial reimbursement, payments or counseling services will be made at Aetna’s sole and complete discretion.  Requests for financial reimbursement, payments or counseling services will be evaluated by Aetna and determinations made as quickly as reasonably possible.

Email the Legal Action Center (New York residents only)

Email the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania

Aetna is offering this program as a service to individuals who claim they have been impacted by the potential inadvertent disclosure of their personal health information and, by doing so, is not admitting any wrongdoing.  All of Aetna’s rights and defenses are reserved.  Individuals who avail themselves of the benefits offered under this program will not release any legal claims.

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  1. I get to say this…

    UNLESS you have a Cure for what ails these folks…ITS TO LATE..

    How many of these corps have Put money into their OWN pockets over Stocks, or UPGRADING their systems..

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