Afghan Islamic Press website hacked, weak passwords exposed by @VenomSec

Afghan Islamic Press The cyber attacks in the middle east have taken a turn to another country which has not seen to many attacks in the past. That country is Afghanistan and the hackers who are carrying out these attacks are known as @VenomSec. The most recent attack is on a afghan Islamic press ( website and has resulted in the dumping of server information as well as some user accounts which contains the login credentials. After having a short speak with VenomSec they have stated they are against the continued war across the middle east and that they have been attack various governments for these reasons as well as the recent hate going towards westerners from the controversial Islamic movie that has been making headlines in recent weeks. The attack has shown us that this website was storing the user credentials in clear text and that there was no method to prevent users from using their user name as a password. Its not the first time @VenomSec’s attacks have led to exposing of weak security in storing passwords and credentials as last week they attacked an Australian website and exposed them from using the password test123 and letmein on the government based system. All together 33 accounts have been compromised from the afghan Islamic attack.

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